Bronica GS-1

I finally decided on a camera: the Bronica GS-1. In the end it came down to either the GS-1 or the Mamiya RZ67 Pro II. The Pentax fell out of the running early. Just about every review and discussion I read about the Pentax mentioned the shutter bounce problem. The way to prevent it is to use a heavy tripod. To my mind that kind of defeats the purpose of Pentax's SLR style. Neither the Mamiya or the Bronica suffers from shutter bounce. The most attractive draw of the Mamiya is the fact that Mamiya still supports their cameras. The fact that Mamiya has a clear plan to support digital backs for both the RZ and RB was very enticing. But the purpose of this project is to dive into film photography. It is not to put together another digital outfit. If I want to shoot digital I'll use my Canon 5D. I had to compare the two systems based on other merits. I decided that the Bronica is probably better suited to my style of shooting. Also the outfit I bought is about half the price of a compatible Mamiya outfit.

To celebrate I went to my local camera shop to buy some film. The only black and white 120 film they had was Tmax 100 and Tmax 400. I bought two roles of 400 at $8.99 each. I'm going to have to find a cheaper source of film.

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