Fumbling with film

The camera finally arrived today. It is sweet. It took me all afternoon to figure out how all the bits and pieces work. I love using the waist level finder. The old film guys will probably laugh, but it reminds me of my old Sony 828. The left-right reversed image is really hard to get used to, though, and I find it really hard to focus. I have to use the diopter. It has a split view focusing screen, which is fantastic. The last time I saw that was on my dad's Nikon SLR.

I managed to waste an entire roll right off the bat. I was loading it into the 67 back. I wasn't paying attention and I missed the start arrow. I kept winding until I started seeing emulsion. Oops! I closed the back and wound the film. It was now frame 3. I took a couple of photos and then I accidentally opened the back. Oops again! I wound past my goof. It was now frame 7. I took another shot and then I remembered that I have to manually meter. Opps #3. I took a proper meter reading with my Sekonic 508, which also arrived today. It's now frame 8. I took two properly metered photos of my backpack and that was it. I think I'll just use this roll to practice loading the development reel. I just wish it hadn't cost me $9 (that's how much I paid for this film).


wonderdog451 said...

Iown 2 complete Bronica systems and a bunch of accessories and can tell state that you have a wonderful camera. just dont forget to read the manual! do yourself a favor and buy the ae finder.My favorite lenses are the 100,150,200mm and the 250mm. I have made many wonderful prints from my negatives(yes, I still have my own darkroom) and can stste with full confidence that theBronica lenses are second to none and if you do your part,they will not let you down.

dkoyanagi said...

Thanks wonderdog. I must say, I really love the GS-1. I got the ae finder about a month after I got the camera. And I recently picked up a 50mm lens. Haven't had the chance to try it out yet. Thanks for visiting.