I finally managed to get out and take some photos with my new camera. My original plan was to go shoot at the museum last Sunday. But I got sick Saturday evening and I've been in bed all week. I finally got well enough to go out this morning, but the museum website said that the museum is closed till March for renovation. Arrrrg! The photo gods must be conspiring against me. Undaunted, I went instead to the university and shot two rolls of Tmax 400 @ 6x7. Shooting film is different from shooting digital. It took about an hour to shoot just 20 photos today. If I was shooting digital I'd fire off 20 shots in the first 10 minutes. This camera really forces you to slow down. When I got home and developed the two rolls, plus the roll of 6x4.5 that I shot while I was sick. I used D-76 at 1:1 dilution for 12.5 minutes. The first two rolls I processed normally. I presoaked the third roll for five minutes before I put in the developer. They turned out OK, although the ones I shot today look a bit overexposed. I can't tell the difference between the presoaked roll and the non-presoaked. Prehapse I'll see the difference when I do the print.

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