Bronica GS-1 Update

I've had my Bronica GS-1 for almost a month now, and I must say, I love this camera. I originally bought it for my project, and I wasn't really expecting to add too many accessories for it. I have since added a speed grip, a 6x4.5 back, an extra insert for my 6x7 back, an AE prism finder, and a shutter release cable. I've also bought a Domke F-2 bag, a Vivitar flash and synch cables, though I'll use those accessories on both the Bronica and my Canon 5d.

The Bronica is a much simpler camera than the Canon. Although it has all manual controls, the Bronica is easier to use than the Canon. However, since it is an all manual camera, you can't simply point and shoot a Bronica.

Here's my impression of the Bronica after one month:
  1. It's very affordable. Prices for a used Bronica are very good compared to other medium format cameras.
  2. The lens is very sharp, the controls are simple and easy to use.
  3. It's very compact in size. Even with the speed grip and AE prism finder, the camera weighs about as much as a 1 series Canon dSLR. In other words, it's about as heavy as a 35mm dSLR, although a very heavy one. It's noticably smaller than a Mamiya RZ.
  4. With a speed grip and prism finder it becomes very portable and usable for street photo.
  5. There are very few lenses available, only about six, and they're all fixed focal length. There are no zoom lenses available for this camera.
Overall I'm very happy with this camera.


Lou said...

Congrats on your choice for the GS-1. I've been owning this camera for a few years now and other medium format cameras (Rolleiflex and others). This is the only one I shall keep in the long run, it is versatile and the lens are superb. Maybe Pentax 6x7 lenses are a bit better when it comes to bokeh, but the design of the body is better with Bronica. A german magazine has printed that the 100mm kills the competition, including Zeiss 80mm for Hasselblad !

Regarding the choice of 6x7 over 35mm, although a lot more bulky, medium format bring images that you can't see in 24x36 : the sheer fact that you are using a 100mm instead of a 50mm makes a whole difference in the way the bokeh builds up around your subject, and hence the picture look very different. Very few people consider this when comparing systems, usually the resolution is the only consideration.

BruceD7575 said...
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Anonymous said...
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