Working in the Darkroom

I went to the darkroom on Sunday and did some prints. They turned out really well. But I'm still kinda new at this. For all I know they could be lousy and I just don't know any better. But I like the way the prints turned out. I also got my first supply of film from the darkroom. I ordered 30 rolls of Fuji Neopan 400. I chose the neopan because a) I like the look; b) I can get it cheap. I still haven't shot any of the neopan yet.

I had booked five hours in the darkroom, but I only spent four. I quit after four hours because my feet were starting to hurt. That was the longest I've ever spent in a darkroom in one session. Back in high school we only got to spend an hour at a time in the darkroom. After spending four hours in the darkroom I can see why pros are turning to digital. Working in a darkroom as a hobby can be relaxing. Working in a darkroom as a job would be a pain the in ass. I would hate to work in a darkroom if I were under any kind of deadline.

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