Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! And Happy Holidays.

A lot's happened since my last. I traveled to Ottawa, Ontario and Santa Barbara, California in November. I was in Ottawa to shoot the Remembrance Day ceremony. I was there for about a week and shot both film and digital. I shot about eight rolls of Neopan 400 at 6x7. It took about four evenings to process them all. I shot five rolls at 400, 2 rolls at 1600, and one roll at 6400. I didn't have development times for neopan 400 @ 6400. I had to make an educated guess on development time. I also developed a practice roll first. It still didn't work out that well. the film was completely underexposed. The other rolls turned out ok.

I also went to Santa Barbara to attend a print workshop. This was a digital print workshop, not film. I learned some new Photoshop tricks and did some really large prints. It was very informative.

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