Fall Foliage

"Fall Foliage"
Acadia National Park, Maine. 2009
Ilford Pan F+ 50, Bronica GS-1 6x7

I took this photo last October on my trip to the Maritimes. It was taken at Acadia National Park in Maine. It was the first time I was back in Maine since 1982. I spent a week in Acadia with my online photo group. This was my first major trip since I started film photography, so I brought my entire collection of film cameras with me. Although my gear weighed a ton it was worth it. I figured out which cameras work best in which conditions.

For this photo I think I used the 200mm lens with a yellow filter. I'm not a big fan of the Pan F+ 50 however. It was a little too contrasty for me.

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Scarecrow said...

I have shot many frame using Pan-F @25ASA underexposed. I then over compensate in the D/R and over develop it in ID-11. try that.